Roaster's Choice, 12oz-5lb

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A limited time offering.
Our Roaster's Choice is determined by none other than (you guessed it) our head roaster! 

In response to an uptick in online sales as we all hunker down in tune with the times, we wanted to increase our offerings despite not having the corresponding packaging readily available. These offerings may include single origin or blends, but we will not send you a decaffeinated surprise. They are varietals we roast for our cafes, but up until now have not packaged for retail. 

So, what say you? Will you take the coffee gamble? It's really a win-win when we're talking great coffee.

*Please note!* As stated, these are offerings we do not have our trademark can packaging for. Your coffee will arrive bagged and likely with one-of-a-kind sharpie artwork. It's all part of the fun. 

Coffee is whole bean